Manufactured Marble
Beautimar Manufactured Marble
Cultured Marble and Cultured Granite are one of the most maintenance free products on the market, offering a nonporous, stain resistant finish. With routine cleaning and up keep, your cultured marble or cultured granite top, shower, or tub will remain as pristine as the day it was installed.
Regular Cleaning
We recommend routine cleaning with any non-abrasive liquid or foam household cleaners to maintain the beauty of our products. Be sure to read and follow the manufacture's directions carefully.
Soap Scum, Hard Water, and Stains
Any non-abrasive soap scum remover will do, such as Tilex Soap Scum Remover™ A mild solution of vinegar and water will clean hard water build-up. Very difficult stains can be treated with most consumer lime and rust stain removers. A soft sponge should be used with these products. Be sure to rinse the cultured marble well after using any of these cleaning products.
Whirlpool Systems
Simply using your whirlpool system on a regular basis helps prevent buildup in the water lines. Mineral baths and oils are not recommended. Use a spa and tub cleaner periodically to prevent residue in the system. This product is available at spa and pool companies. Follow the instructions for cleaning whirlpool tubs.
Shower and Tub Floors
Floors can be cleaned with any nonabrasive cleaner: spray and leave on for five minutes, then scrub with a soft-bristled brush to remove soap residue. Rinse thoroughly.
Vanity top and/or shower walls can be polished and waxed at regular intervals to bring back and maintain it’s luster. The use of a nonabrasive liquid auto wax once ever six to twelve months will help maintain shine and make routine cleaning easier.
Minor Scratches
Surface scratches may be buffed out using a polishing compound and a buffer. It is recommended that a professional be used for stubborn scratches, chips, or cracks.
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