Manufactured Marble
Beautimar Manufactured Marble
Two Year Limited Warranty
We at Beautimar take great pride in the high quality products we produce. With over 40 years of experience, we know you will be pleased with our products for years to come. Each item comes with a two (2) year limited warranty on manufacturing defects. Upon inspection, we will, at our discretion, repair, replace, or make appropriate adjustments for any defective product due to a manufacturing defect in material or craftsmanship within a two (2) year period from date of manufacture.
Each piece of cultured marble is unique, color and veining will vary and are not considered manufacturing defects, nor are very minor imperfections which are not visible from a distance of three feet from the product.
This warranty does not cover products due to improper installation, damage resulting from water temperature set above 120°F (see 5 below), damage caused by improper usage, damage resulting from heating appliances, such as curling irons, removal and installations costs for replaced products, and incidental or consequential damages which may result. No other verbal warranties apply.
This warranty applies to a cultured marble product that is used and maintained in the manner we recommended (see Maintenance).
This warranty does not cover damage caused by:
    1.    Failure to follow the manufacturer's recommended procedures for installation.
    2.    Physical abuse, damage from excessive heat, or breakage not due to a manufacturing defect in the material.
    3.    Failure of any adhesive or caulk, failure of other accessory, or failure of any caulked or filled seam.
   4.    Failure to safe guard against construction site damages. (This applies to products installed by Beautimar. Products are inspected by technician after installation for damage and left on site in plastic film. Beautimar is not responsible for damage caused by construction, such as scratches, chips, or breaks after installation is complete.)
   5.    Crazing is the cracking around the drain often referred to as “spider webbing”  Crazing is caused by thermal shock, the rapid change from one extreme temperature to another. Our cultured marble can with stand temperature extremes up to 120°F. Crazing can not be repaired and as a direct cause of extreme water temperature, will not be covered by this warranty.
  6.     In addition to number 5 above, a recessed oval bowl containing an optional overflow will have a greater chance of crazing. Overflow bowls are not covered by this warranty.
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